Personal Mobility = Econonomic & Social Independence

All-Weather, Affordable And Accessible Mobility
  • Affordable and accessible mobility in SEA.
  • Replaces dangerous kapchai (underdone) motorbikes.
  • Costs around USD5000 or MYR 20(Kancil-priced)
Logistics Workhorses & Handy Roundabouts
  • Food deliveries, much roomier than motorbikes
  • Can carry larger loads , groceries and batched deliveries.
  • Not a statement of style or prestige                                    
Charging Infrastructure & Public Transport
  • Opportunitiefor private property developers
  • supercharger hubs proven successful in the US.
  • Install free chargers at parking lots of marts, malls, MRT stations. 
  • Eliminate charger and charge anxiety:charge enough for last mile station to home and first from home to station
  • Charging stations remove cars from roads.
  • scrapping Policy:replace each scrapped car with a Wuling Air.
  • Switch to EVs may translate into a big jump in-productivity which is one of the best counters to high inflation.