Wheat Buster

in the Middle East, standard casual cuisine is veggie-rich, not disimmilar to the ones of northern India, the main carbo being breads (soon to be disrupted by shortages and igh prices). Compared to standard SEA hawker fare, the street ME diet is decidedly more wholesome:
  • Fresh raw veggies(salads): anti-oxidants, fibre, vitamin C (ulam notwithstanding)
  • Plenty of nuts,seeds and beans; minerals, trace elements
  • Fermented Spreads; digistives, taste, texture
The condiments look as delicious as the complete dish. Carbo (wheat)running out in 10 weeks and spiking 200% in price? what if we do away with the wheat and enjoy te spread instead? usually the carbo is used to accompany the protein, so here 's a chance to cut down on meat consumption.For roti canai/prata, without the roti, we would be left with the dhall, chutnies, sauces, riattas, pickles, milk tea/cofee. Still quite a substanstial meal. [ not dietary advice or advocacy.]