Digital Banking Models

This post is a contuation of our previous post, on a hypothetical exploration what if some of the 'non-winners' got the nod instead:

BigPay: Parent AirAsia have always envisioned a pan ASEAN presence, starting with travel and then accommodation. A logical next step is a seamless digital bank.
  • Open an account in Jakarta and be in good financial standing in Manila
  • Get paid in SG and withdraw in KL.
  • Buy a property in Nusantara (new capital) and pay instalments in SG.
  • Bring ASEAN economically closer together vs groupings like EU, CARICOM (Caribbean), AEC (Africa) and GCC (Gulf States), BIMP-EAGA (Borneo)

Sunway: Gradual savings toward education after A-levels.
  • Received an offer to study at a top notch uni like Oxbridge, MIT, Havard or Stanford?
  • But can't take up the offer due to insufficient funds?
  • Start saving when young, accumulated monies can be utilized for education, housing, mobility or starting a family etc.
  • Loans are available if funds are insufficient.