Work From Office

  • Apple is asking its employees to return to the office starting April 11. For 3 daya a week. Even with this concession, some employees are rebelling, citing long commutes and having to be in the office aimlessly.
  • On rhe oher hand, Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs are asking staff to return to a 5 day office week The nature of work in BigTech (developers want to lbe left alone to laser focus on coding) differs frrom BigFin (lots of cross functional teamwork & communications)
  • Some speculate the big bosses want workers back in offices to prop up the commercial property market. In reality, the CEOs might have othe reasons (see next section):

Working From Office
  • Pevent employees from becoming hermits and losing touch with the company.
  • Prreserve espirit de corp.
  • Gorup work and a social einvironment maintain mental health and collaborative creativity.
  • Solidarity with employees who can't WFH.
  • Revitalise the once buzzing office.

Other WFO Perks
  • Lunches taste much bettter when eaten wiith colleagues.
  • Dressing up for work prevents a descend into grunge.

Possible WFO Incentives
  • Offices should be well ventilated with rmeasured ACH (air changes per hour) and CO2 levels.
  • Company sponsored N95 masks amd RTK Antigen testkits.
  • A move t to a 4-day work week with Fridays (or Mondays) off.
  • A 4-day work week could be inevitable, prospective executive employees might consider it or hybrid work an essemtial perk.