TNB Raya 2022

The great balik kampung exodus starts today( (and tomorrow). Drive slowly and patienly like these two TNB technicians who notice an Indian lady stranded on a rural road and decide to give her a ride to her destination in their pickup. A YouTube remix acompanied by Wali Band's Ya Allah.

TNB's official Raya ad for 2022 can be viewed here. Being a public utility, it's more of a brand maintenance execise with a smogarsbord of elements including EV charging, geometric cakes, North vs South cuisine and ebanking.

Speaking of TNB and electricity, before taking off for the long festive break, remember to (not pro advce):
  • Switch off fans, air-cons, chargers, computers, TVs, stoves, ovens water heaters etc.
  • Leave on (and check) CCTVs, alarms, routers (for remote CCTV access), fridges, porch lights, spotlights, some internal lights, aquarium aerators & diffusers (also remeber to water the plants).

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!