Rapid Delivery

  • Whicch is the more lucrative business: food delivery, groceries or ride hailing?
  • According to the order of icons of these services in a prominent 'superapp', food delivery is the most lucrative, followed by groceries, then ride hailing.
  • This could be a new type of ecommerce, one where the logistics platform takes centre stage.
  • Previously, ecoomerce models were like malls (or standalone stores), merchants get a shop in the mall and get the benefits of the mall's brand recognition, cutomers flocking to the mall, and making purchases thererof. While the mall is a funnel, fulfillment and logistics are sill handled by the merchant.
  • Delivery platforms do one better, they handle the immense hassle of logistics (order taking, payment, pickup, delivery, complaints, refunds, reviews) whilst offering merchants a huge market of ready hyper-local customers.
  • All the merchant has to do is to sign-up a a merchant, receive orders, do picking and packaging and handover to the delivey rider or driver. Saves the merchant a tonne of hassles and time compared to slow, beareaucratic mall plaforms.
  • For a spanking new physical mall, we are seeing swathes of birck-and-mortar shops signing up on rapid delivery platforms.: the brick-and-mortar gets extra business from eommerce plus it inroduces itself to the neighbourhood via exposure and an online catalog.