The race is on to define the nextgen and web3's wallet and identification standards. Last week, Meta proposed 'Zuck Bucks' as its vision of digital currency for the metaverse.. Now, Gooogle looks to revamp its Google Pay wallet with a new icon and possibly a new name ('Gwallet'?). More than new branding, web3 offers verdant opportunities for a new wallet:

  • Pairing of identity and wallet.- Use your wallet to login into 3rd party sites, replaces the use of Gmail as login.
  • A universal wallet for cash, cards, tokens, identification, credentials, memberships, tickets, passes, insurance, medical card and the metaverse.
  • Can incorporate and work with sovereign/national systems (social security number, passport, vax certs, driving license).
  • Cancel-proof identification and wallet. vs the hassle of losing one's Gmail aacount
Apple is also working on the hardware real-world version of the ewallet via Apple Watch which should enable functions ike NFC payments and transactions.