YC Winter 2022

WE had a look at Y Combinator's Winter 2022 batch of 300+ graduating startups and picked 3 intriguing ones:

  • Google is considered 'good enough' for general queries, but for specialist searches, it looks to have been overwhelmed by spam, SEO and its own ad revenue priorities
  • Andi is a Google challenger with a conversational interface
  • Results are still rough,,not much better than Google, but still early days.

  • Crypto, stock and commodity prices go up an down.
  • Conseequently, punters in these are obssessed with the latest prices, movements and news, which can be an unhealthy distraction and emotional drain.
  • Soon breaks this addiction by buying and selling based on a pre-deerminined schedule, rather than having the punter pick the right time ( time the market')

  • Want to formalise a Web2 casual gou'ping?
  • You can do so by setting up Web3 distributed autonomous oorganisation (DAO) by ginving the group a a name, purpose,, platform, constitution (smart contracts) , and officers and members (token holders).
  • If the DAO gains sufficient traction it will inevitably intrude into the real-world, where it will need to take care of imatters like legal status, laws, jurisdiction, physical adresss, taxation etc.
  • Others like bank accounts are taken qare off natvely by Web3.
  • Or vice-versa, a real-world company that wishes to be incorporated using DAO plumbing rather than the traditional memorandum of incorporation etc.
  • Poko provides services o integrate DAOs with the real-wold in the above scenarios.