Prawn Fritter Rojak

Nowadays, street food tend towards the-more-and-the-bigger-the-better smorgasbord of ingredients. Examples from the West are the multilayered hamburger and 'the works' hot dog.

In the East, rojak (spicy, savoury salad) has also gone down this road,it is commonly now a chaotic mix of veggies, fruits, hard boiled egg, fritters, tofu, smothered with heavy sauce, served on a plate.

WHat did original prawn fritter rojak looked like? It was a masterpiece of zen simplicity. It was sold as a disc of freshly-fried, crunchy prawn fritter sprinkled with julienned turnip and cucumber and topped with a dollop of light, piquant, spicy, savoury red rojak sauce.

Imagine a lesser amount of veggies in the first photo above sitting on a prawn fritter disc about twice the diameter of the ones shown in the second photo . Container and cuisine are one. You eat it by holding the disc and starting from the crunchy edges of the fritter till you reach the centre where the veggies, prawn and sauce are located. Appetiser at he edge, main course at the centre.