Elon's Paradise

  • Elon Musk is involved in two major ventures: the more well-known consumer facing Tesla, and  the far more technically challenging, SpaceX.
  • Watch this YouTuber's inspired mix of hiphop rap hit Gngasta's Paradise and clips from SpaceX's early days.
  • Gangsta in this context alludes to someone who is acomplished, skillfull and supremely confident (not mobsters or members of street gangs). Paradise is a state of high personal and societal achievement.
  • In he video, Elon ahakes off sceptics, slights, put-downs, doubts, weaknesses, setbacks, mishaps and errors (symbolised by the exploding rockets). It tells of how one must go through the pain of 'newbie limbo', (hardwork, uncertainty, being fearful, hesitant, clumsy, aamateurish, ignorant, improvished, uncomimmitted lookng to 'try-only',) before graduating to Gangsta's Paradise.
  • Beginning is always tough, even learning to cycle or to swim. Sometimes, one needs a spark, or a sharp nudge to jump right in.