Alfa Romeo Tonale

NFTs are currently commonly associated with minimalist artwork with high valuations. But NFTs have mundane, business use cases as well. Alfa Romeo is promoting its Tonale SUV as the world's first NFT blockchain car. In essence:

  • The blockchain serves as a database to record vehicle details, ownership, service and and maintenance history, and possibly some telemetry data (a centralised secure database would probably do the job just as well). The service records help boost the resale of a car (if it is well maintained).
  • The NFT is a certificate of origin, authenticity and ownership (in parallel with the the car's registration papers with local motor vehicles authorities). The NFT can help boost resale value too if the vehicle has past celebrity or prominent owners. It can also help guard against vehicle theft (the non-legit owner wouldn't have the NFT).
Lambo, RR and Mercs are doing NFTs too but instead of getting the underlying tech, they are joining the art crowd in coming out with artwork branded with their marques.