A Kind of Hush

  • War is deafening: explosions, bombs, artillery, rockets, gunfire, the roar of jet planes, copters and war chariots, sirens and klaxons, barked orders, strident media messaging.
  • Just as the the most single important thing to a sick person is health, the single greatest desired outcome of war is peace, resolution, a hush over the land, and the return of the wrathful, implacable, unpredictable, all-consuming genie of war to its bottle (coaxed by a wise peacemaker?).
  • Beware of harbouring ill-will for fellow hoomans, be a good listener and be careful of what you say to and of others, lest the genie is inadvertently summoned.
  • VIdeo: There's a Kiind of Hush by Dana Winner.