The Fresh Air Movement

In the battle against bugzilla, until now, the main countermeasures are medical and legal: vaccines, masking, distancing, protocols and mandates. Another possible approach is engineering. As bugzilla thrives on aerial transmission, it can be thinned-out and neutralised using fresh air. Better ventilation and fresher air may also have another huge benefit: clearer thinking. Some possible, practical steps towards a Fresh Air Movement:
  • Allocate space for a-fresco dining wherever possible and safe. Prioritise fresh air over car parking and a tidy streetscape. Example: NYC.
  • Use CO2 meters to measure carbon dioxide levels. The more CO2, the more likely it could be virus or germ-laden respiration. Commercial enterprises like malls, co-working spaces and eateries can use CO2 monitoring as as a risk management tool and as a competitive advantage.
  • A simple hack is to install exhaust fans at the back of the premises. This draws air fom the front (entrance, windows) an expels stale air to the backlane. Air-con electricity costs may go up, but his can be written off as an unavoidable pandemic expense, just like masks.
  • Take note of lifts and lift lobbies. Increasing a lift's fan speed and disabling auto-shutoff (while the lift is idle between rides) may improve ventilation. Evey little bit counts - it would be prudent to prepare ahead for a possible nasty rho variant.