Osaka 2025 + eVTOL

eVTOLs (air taxis, flying cars) are back in the news:
  • GOL orders 250 units of Vertical Aeerospae's VA-X4 to service traffic congeted cities like Soa Paolo. 1
  • AirAsia signs for 100 VA-X4 for air taxi services in ASEAN. 2
  • JAL orders 50+50 VA-X4 ahead of the 2025 World Expo Osaka (vid). 3
  • airX orders 50 units of EH 216 to provide air charter air taxis for the 2025 World Expo. 4
  • Volocopter to offer air taxi service within SG (Marina Bay, Sentosa, Changi),between SG and MY (JB) and SG and ID (Batam) 5 6
  • Joby partners with ANA and SK Telecom for air taxi services. 7 8

  • eVTOLs's target to start commercial operations in 2 years could be on the optimistic side.
  • Many haven't even publicly demo'ed working prototypes, let alone complete extensive field trials, attaining air-worthiness certification and gaining customer delivery acceptance.
  • Some industry watchers are of the opinion eVTOL is a tech bubble. Helicopter makers say eVTOL can't overcome fundamental physics and economic constraints eg.the weight of the battery and the need for fast turnaround time vs the time needed for rechagring.
  • Paris, the host of the 2024 Olympics, initially had grand plans for an extensive showcase netwwork of air taxis, but has made no further announcements in this regard (machines, operators, routes  etc).