Games for The Greater Good

  • Popular computer games tend to simulate war (PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite) to give players an adrenalin rush. The simulation usually covers the tactical, situational, battlefield parts of war when bullets are already whizzing,.
  • Most miss or skimp the most important parts: the prelude, build-up. diplomacy, negotiations, compromises, priorities, long term vision, equanimity, dialogue, win-win where high order human skills are needed rather than adrenalin.
  • Mereka, in collaboration with The US Embassy , Biji-biji and Synapze. will be hosting Games Bagus (Games for The Greater Good) from March to April 2022.
  • Games Bagus empowers game creators to produce socially conscious games by honing their game design and narrative skills through training and mentorship, providing valuable networking opportunities, and exploring issues of social importance and civic engagement.
  • Speakers from Games for Change, Passion Republic, Strange Loop, Alchymy, CtrlD Studio, Persona Theory and WiGout.