Spring Festival: Endless Love | Silence is Gold

Our video picks for this Spring Festival.

Video 2: A kalimba rendition of Endless Love by April Yang. The kalimba is the simplest keyboard-based musical instrument . This simplicity allows the song's melodic notes to come to the fore.

Video 1: A modern abridged cover of Cantonese classic Silence is Gold by an unidentified songstress. The song is advice to youngsters to not go around with a chip on the shoulder and to stay centred even under difficult circumstances. Lyrics of the full song: 1

The night wind is blowing
Alone looking back at the old times
It was me in the past, full of resentment

False blames and accusations
Caused great feelings of unfairness to build up
Cared a lot about rumours and responses

Learned the lesson
Led by books and classics
Now can see through it all, no longer locking up myself

Feel that I now know the way
Won’t be as stupid as before
Wipe away the tears, walk forward relaxed and smiling

In fate it has already been decided if you are rich or poor [1]
False will always be false; true will always be true
Whatever you say, I’ll be responsible for my own duties
Always believed that silence is gold [2]

There is inherent justice in what is right and wrong
Be careful in speaking so as not to offend others
When cold storms come up, don’t take it too seriously

Confidence fills the heart
No need to care about sarcasm and questioning
Let people laugh and condemn as they like
Live on as a confident and principled person

Young people, live on as a confident and principled person
Continue to walk on, live on as a confident and principled person

[1] Past steps and circumstance determine where you are at now
[2] Explained in the next stanza.
Happy Spring Festival!