High Fidelity Metaverse

High Fidelity Metaverse
Many metaverses are rendered in clunky graphics (example). Axie Infinity demoed a Hi-Fi version in a short trailer of its Katana exchange.

E-Cities Championship
SG property developer Que has come up with a virtual racing championship that highlights city street circuits (possibly as an alternative to F1 for marketing cities). Great concept with plenty of potential:
  • Focus on leisure drivers and gamers vs pro drivers and structured street circuits
  • Offer a scenic city tour instead of pure racing: eg grand tour of long coastal highways, negotiating narrow, twisty hill climbs and descends
  • Make the car open top to take in the sights vs a race car with a vista limiting windshield and tinting.
  • Like an animated Google Maps street view on steroids
  • Can be a leisure drive, time trail or racing against other drivers