Web3 @ Kickstarter & PropTech

Kickstarter is going Web3 using Celo. Given the high prices even simple NFT art seems to be fetching, it is natural more substantive projects would want to tap into this trend as well. Kickstarter has not provided details but one could almost see the Web3 mapping:
  • Projects → DAOs
  • Funding → NFT
  • Backers → NFT buyers
  • Governance → Smart contracts
  • Attester → Kickstarter
  • The Web3 version could potentially have better governance by having backers' funds released only on achieving set milestones as defined in the smart contract, and attested by Kickstarter.
  • A DAO (distributed autonomous organisation) is a 'company' that exists only on the internet and not tied to any official jurisdiction. The company shareholders could be the major backers who then have a say on how the DAO or the project is run.

  • T&B Media, a TH-based media company, has teamed up with compatriot property developer MQDC, to launch a metaverse called Translucia (under development, no web presence yet).
  • As to how MQDC plans to utilise the metaverse, it says 'What can't happen in the real world will take place in this virtual world.'
  • Possible proptech use of the metaverse: a VR-only property listing platform, property as NFT, and a monopoly-like VR game based on real world property. <<<
  • Translucia will be hosting a 2-day online forum starting Wed (Dec 15th, 2021) titled Metaverse Unlimited. Speakers include from MIT, Stanford, Zaha Hadid, WEF, Hanson Robotics and Amazon.