Trans Pacific Free Trade

  • In the East, the ox is considered a sedate, industrious animal.
  • Thus far, 2021, the 'Year of the Ox' has been sedate - lockdowns, working from home, travel restrictions, and industrious - the rise of EVs, the scramble for vaccines, FB to Meta, Square to Block.
  • Next year, it will be the 'Year of the Tiger'.
  • Will it be a case of of the Eastern lore of 'tiger descends from the mountain' or will it be 'fierce tiger shows its stripes'.
  • One of the highlights in 2022 for MY is the possible ratification of the CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or 'trans pacific free trade agreement').
  • AU, CA, JP, MX, NZ, JP, PE, SG and VN have ratified it. CN, TW and UK want in.
  • MY (and BN and CL) have signed but not ratified it yet. Indications are MY may ratify the agreement in 2022.
  • Free trade agreements present bigger markets, more competition and freer trade flows. To find out more of what might be in store, check out a CPTPP seminar happening tomorrow (Dec 7th, 2021, 10am) on Zoom.