• After being smoked and choked by some 40 billion extra tonnes of CO2 each year, mother nature seems to be pushing back with 'wraths of nature'. First, bugzilla and now tempestzilla: floods (EU | CN | IN | MY vid), typhoon (PH), tornadoes (US) and other phenomena.
  • While floods are usually extensive and widespread, individual businesses can mitigate against being inundated using technology such as Neo-Barrier, Divulium, Dam Easy and Flow Defence. Or, if it makes financial sense,. move the factory, warehouse or office one floor up, and turn the ground floor into parking or spare space.
  • On the other side of the coin is drought (TW). Businesses could prepare by installing reserve water tanks, or if it makes ROI sense, private reservoirs, recycling or desalination facilities .
  • Another example of risk management is Maybank, a MY bank, setting up a secondary HQ in i-City. Useful if the main HQ is locked down due to bugzilla etc.
  • Bonus: EVs are better at handling wet conditions vs ICE vehicles. Unlike ICE, where water can enter via the air intake and the exhaust, the batteries, motor, drivetrain, electronics and even the cabin of EVs are sealed against the ingress of water (example). Handy if caught driving or parking in unusually big puddles and still have the vehicle continue running or start.