Space Race

Space Ventures
Current and proposed space ventures include reusable rockets, private space stations, space logistics, satellite launches, satellite-as-a-service (sensing, space internet, orbital hosting etc), robotics, space tourism, lunar mining (rare earth metals, helium-3 for fusion) and low-gravity, vacuum manufacturing. Sample space startups:
  • iSpace - Lunar city with a population of 1K in 20 years
  • Orbital Insight - Commercial 'spy' satellite service
  • Axiom - World's first commercial space station
  • Momentus - Satellite repair, reposition, refuel and deorbit
  • Exodus - Servers hosted in space: test your satellite applications
  • Relativity - 3D printed reusable rockets for medium payloads
  • Bagaveev - 3D printed rocket engines for micro-satellites

Space Forum
Nikkei is hosting an online forum on The Future of Space tomorrow (Dec 8th, 2021, 9am JST). Topics include: