Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley
What is the formula for its success in incubating major tech companies?

Valley Offshoots

School of Hard Knocks
Other possible factors for the success of Silicon Valley include a critical diverse mass: local and foreign postgrads, scientists, technologists, investors etc. And individuals from the school of hard knocks:
  • Steve Jobs (Apple) - Because he didn't want to burden his working class parents, he merely audited classes (attended classes but not registered) at college, slept on the floor at friends' dorm rooms and ate Hare Krishna free meals.
  • Elon Musk (Tesla) - Awkward and introverted as a child, he had rough childhood ('I was raised by books, and then my parents') and a hard time at school. Worked at a farm and lumber-mill when he first landed in North America.
  • Reed Hastings (Netflix) - During college, he signed up for the Marines. After graduating, he joined the Peace Corps, and spent 3 years teaching and travelling in Africa.
  • Jensen Huang (Nvidia) - When his parents sent him to the US, his aunt and uncle enrolled him in a boarding school for troubled youth (literally a school of hard knocks) who mistook it for a prep school.

The Valley Experience
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