Girlfriend NFT | Fungible Tokens

Non-Fungible GF 1
  • What happens if a girl digitises herself as an girlfriend NFT?
  • You, the NFT buyer, get to claim the girl is is your girlfriend.
  • You get exclusive bragging rights, and a photo of her to keep in your wallet - to show curious relatives during get-togethers.
  • But, you can't date or bother her.
  • Just a fun demo of the 'arms length' nature of NFTs, but you can apply a more personable version to lunch with Warren Buffet.
  • Last held in 2019 when a crypto bro paid $4.6M for the privilege. Buffet honoured the deal even though the crypto guy cancelled once and brought along 4 other crypto bros for lunch.
  • Such a lunch could be sold as an NFT. If he original winning bidder can't make it to lunch, or needs some fast cash, he could resell his NFT to another person (if Buffet is OK with the new guest).

Fungible Tokens 2
  • While non-fungible gets all the attention, it is fungible tokens (or just tokens, cryptocurrency is a particular instance) that have been doing real work.
  • An example is frequent flyer miles or points. For every $1 spent on tickets, get around 3-4% back in frequent flyer points. These points are old-school tokens.
  • Issued by airline companies, acting as abanker, redeemable for discounts in buying flight tickets.
  • As frequent flyers are often well-off, corporate executives or go-getters, the frequent flyer program has a natural, valuable membership of elite big spenders and influencers.
  • Consequently, credit card companies and retail outlets wanted in on the program. They would buy frequent flyer points from the airlines (like buying crypto) to offer as incentives for customers eg. spend $100 at our restaurant and get 10 frequent flyer points.
  • The frequent flyer program is so lucrative and valuable, it is worth more than the airlines themselves (the flight operations).