Future Deluge
  • Big floods will get more common. Due to more intense storms and rising sea levels (high tide + heavy rain = flood) both which are caused by climate change.
  • How to protect a residence, business, factory or warehouse at at-risk locations. How to guard, maintain or even enhance asset or property value?

  • For existing or new single or double-story houses, if possible, give-up the ground floor and turn it into spare, hobby or recreational space. Turn the roof into an extra floor (if structurally possible and allowed by bylaws). The extra floor would be useful for water tanks, an emergency electric power generator, solar panels and batteries, aircons, storage for a boat or two, or as an emergency evacuation space.
  • For high rises, underground parking is not ideal. For above-ground, multi-storey parking, turn the first one or two stories into guest parking, EV charging bays or recreational space. Ensure the emergency electric power generator (which most high rises are required to have to power the lifts during a power failure) is on high ground.
  • Factories or warehouses should be built new or upgraded so that essential operations and equipment are on the first floor or higher, with the ground floor used for extra parking and casual storage or utility. Another solution is flood barriers (takes time to activate).
  • For shops and for those renting, leasing or not tied down to fixed property, move to higher ground. Or price deluge risk into ground floor rentals.
  • For vehicles, waterproof EVs might be a future answer (to inundation). Presently, there could be market opportunity for flood-resistant ICE vehicles: sealed electronics and tanks (fuel, lube, transmission), sealed passenger cabin, and snorkels or caps for the air intake, exhaust pipe and ventilation.
  • Ditto household electrical appliances: fridge, washer, TV etc.