Electric Economy

Pivotal Changes
  • The Industrial Revolution ushered in iron works, mechanical machines, factories and mass production.
  • At the same time, and less well known, the industrial Chemical Revolution brought about synthetics, plastics, fertilisers, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fuels and batteries.
  • The Electronic Revolution gave rise to transistors, semi-conductors, computers, servers and the internet.
  • Presently, we could be at the start of an Electric Transition.
  • An example of the transition is Anglo-Dutch oil and gas giant (and ubiquitous petrol/gas retailer) awarding a global EV charging supply contract to AU-based Tritium.
  • A first step, Shell's stations could in the future provide a full range of electric products in addition to fossil fuels (see next section).


  • Fast charging (for EVs)
  • Battery swapping (Nio-style for EVs, or Gogoro-style for ebikes)
  • Hydrogen or ammonia pumping (if hydrogen ever makes the grade)
  • Electrical storage (stores electricity during off-peak hours)
  • Convenience and dining outlets for owners waiting for recharge

Electric Economy
If Shell aspires to take the lead in e-stations, what other electric economy niches are there where a leader hasn't clearly emerged?
  • Light EV - If an EV is a half to a tenth the cost of standard EVs, then it stands to logic it is 2x to 10x as sustainable (needs less copper, lithium, nickel, electricity etc) without the need for any drastic tech leaps. Wuling's $5K-priced Mini sets a benchmark, but it looks more like an experiment meant for the CN market (outside it costs 2x to 4x more) than a global visionary product. Sedans, SUVs, pickups are great but this might be a green niche to watch out for.
  • Heavy EV - These are the trucks, lorries, vans and buses. This is a nascent and heavily contested field. Suppliers include Tesla, Volvo, Mercedes, BYD, Proterra, VDL, Hyundai, BrightDrop and many others.
  • E-Scooters - Quietly and without fanfare, India has incubated a sprawling electric scooter ecosystem with offerings like Bounce Infinity, iQube Electric, Komaki Delux, Hero Optima, Ather Energy, Ola Electric, Bajaj Chetak, Simple Energy, Darwin EVAT, Eeve Soul, TVS XL, Okaya FreedumOkinawa PraisePro
  • Other niches - Alternative (solar, nuclear, hydro) power, battery technology (including reycling), independent EV service, electrical engineering studies, grid resilience, charging infra, car app development, e-bikes, robotaxis, transport planning & integration.