Alternative Metaverse

A metavese is the projection of the creator's mind and imagination. Thus, many current metaverses, created by gaming developers using contemporary software tools, have lots of similarities: gamification, avatars, property, NFTs, 'play to earn' etc. Among the older extant metaverses are FB and Twitter. Even older, going back to ancient times, is old school culture which is quite different from generic modern culture. In this post, we cover some immersive traditional culture from Nusantara (BN, ID, MY, PH, SG)

Gamelan Gender
The Gender is a metallophone: it uses metal bands as compared to the xylophone with wooden bands. The metal bands gives the metallophone a rich, resonant depth as shown in the first video with Dale Turner playing a self-penned Gonzo for Gamelan (gonzo is one of the muppets).

Traditional Bali Dance
An unnamed teen dancer from the Ida Bagus Blangsinga dance school performs a Teruna Jaya ('cadet coming of age') or Kebyar Duduk ('seated flash') dance. Unlike the free-flowing, expansive, angular movements of modern dances, this traditional dance requires precise, small movements of fingers, toes, neck, eyes and other joints.

Balinese Kecak
We last featured Nusantara choral singing in Ewa Bule. Kecak is a more vigorous performance routine consisting of coordinated breathing, hand movements and acapella vocals. Performed by high school students attending the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA). Looks and sounds unusual but this is the nature and delight of old school metaverses.