Veggie Seafood Sensation

Running The Show
The present tech buzz is Parag Agrawal being promoted to CEO of Twitter. He joins Sundai Pitchai (Google), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Shantanu Narayen (Adobe), Arvind Krishna (IBM) and Raghu Raghuram (Vmware) as chief executives of their respective companies. It is likely most, if not all, of them are vegetarians. Their diet may partially explain their ascendancy in the corporate world, given latest research indicate sugars, fried foods, high carbs, alcohol and processed meat, standard fare for many, dull the mind.

Running Out of Fish
At the same time, an article today reported global fish populations have plummeted due to overfishing and an increasing demand for seafood. One solution is to substitute or supplement endangered seafood with plant-based seafood. [We have sampled quality plant-based seafood: it is superior in texture and umami flavour to from-the-sea seafood.]

Plant-Based Seafood Startups 1 2
  • OMG - Tuna giant offers plant-based fish nuggets and crab shumai
  • Good Catch - Plant-based fish fillets, fish burgers and crab cakes
  • Omni - Fish fillets with Omega-3 and protein; no mecury, antibotics
  • Mind Blown! - Plant-based Bay scallops
  • Cavi-Art - Seaweed-based caviar
  • Tofuna Fysh - Fish sauce made from seaweed, shiitake mushrooms
  • Sensational Vuna - NestlĂ©'s plant-based tuna alternative
  • New Wave - Tyson Foods' delicious plant-based shrimp