Metaverse vs Omniverse vs Web3

Metaverse Omniverse Web3
From Meta (FB) Nvidia Crypto Promoters
Focus Social Engineering Ownership
Usage Immersive Simulation 'To The Moon'
Use Cases High fidelity 3D immersive 'Zoom' meeting

3D yoga class: see clearly where those arms and legs are positioned

Travel to Mars without actually travelling to Mars

Simulate a factory before building it

Simulate a city wide bicycle network with stakeholders before building it out.

Simulate Mars: terrain, climate, geography, budget, construction, living

Platform independent avatars 

Own stuff (eg video) independent of platforms

Identity that is independent of platforms

Early Tech Oculus Quest, Facebook Horizon Universal Scene Description (metaverse's HTML), Nucleus (core engine & database), Simulation (physics simulator), RTX (3D renderer) NFT