Endemic Ready Enterprises

In an earlier post on businesses getting ready for an endemic phase or possible further lockdowns, we looked at how fast food joints expanded their service options by offering indoors, outdoors and in-car dining. And how Uber's new HQ has foldable windows for better ventilation. Further examples: 1 2
  • Moriarty's Gem Art - Staid jeweller goes live streaming to maintain sales, and to connect with current and new customers.
  • Teambuilding - Pivots from in-person to virtual team building: doubled business and virtual model enabled a new talent pool of trainers and facilitators.
  • Starbucks - Teams up with Amazon Go to offer cashier-less coffee. Order and pay by app, pickup coffee for takeaway or to seat oneself. Shop for essentials and groceries at Amazon Go at the same venue.
  • Whole Foods - Converts in-person grocery stores to shopper-less delivery fulfilment hubs.
  • Box 'N Burn - Pivots from indoor gym to outdoor gym for fresh air and sunshine.
  • Talulah Jones - Because the in-store experience is unique, there is no pivot to an online store. Instead, the store keeps its Instagram and FB up-to-date and offers private shopping appointments.