Endemic Enterprises

Multiple Options
Except for hygiene procedures (masking, distancing etc), it's business as usual at most locales. The thinking is bugzilla will fade away soon enough. However, perceptive enterprises sense it won't be business as usual and bugzilla could be around for sometime or a new mutant could enter the fray. In the US, fast food joints are quick to adapt; for example, Burger King has redesigned outlets to offer multiple order, pickup and dining options:
  • Dine-In - Dine inside, order using your phone (app)
  • Dine-Out - Dine outside, alfresco, order using phone
  • Drive-In - Eat in your car, order using your phone
  • Drive-Thru - The usual drive-thru, but with two lanes instead of one
  • Takeaway - Order via phone, take from lockers outside store
  • Pickup - Order via phone, pickup curbside from staff
  • Food Delivery - Dedicated pick-up lane for food delivery workers

Uber's new San Francisco HQ is glass walled but the walls can be tilted open to allow in fresh air and for natural ventilation. In an innovative step-back from the modern trend of a totally sealing the facade of office buildings. Ditto a foodcourt built within a grand, defunct train depot; comes with high roof, natural lighting and flow through ventilation.