Work Near Home

We are now at the last quarter of the year - three more months to hustle 2021. Forward looking businesses are already planning for 2022, looking for spaces to launch from. A selection of coworking startups:
  • Patch - Work near home: like working from home and office
  • Ledger - Bicycle-orientated coworking space
  • Forward - Lab-on-demand: coworking for life sciences
  • Roundhouse - From historic train depot to coworking space
  • SoWork - Virtual office for maintaining camaraderie while WFA
  • SaksWorks - Coworking at Saks Fifth Avenue (luxury dept store)
  • TreeWork - Beer company's outdoor coworking space info
  • Chateau - Coworking and coliving in a French castle
  • Zoku - European home-office hybrid space vid