Self Driving

Dark and Rainy Night
Tesla running the latest version (FSD 10.2) of its self-driving software. Has to work even when it is dark and rainy. An example why a camera-only approach is useful, because if the car is driven blind using radar (eg. through thick fog), the human driver can't verify the self-driving.

Busy Streets
An AutoX robotaxi navigating through a busy, narrow street. Notice how hesitant the vehicle is; because essentially it is likely programmed to observe 'if hooman steps in front of car, apply brakes'. This is where machine learning is indispensable: have skilled drivers assertively inch their way through the crowd and then get the software to learn from the drivers.

For more on autonomous vehicles, check out the automotive section of Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference happening Nov 8-12, 2021, and the autonomous driving component of Alibaba's Apsara Conference, Oct 19-21.