Kungfu Ninja

In the West, swashbuckling and fisticuffs have been a staple of movies since the days of Errol Flynn. In the East, particularly in HK, the kungfu genre has gone through a few phases:
- 1960s: Kwan Tak-Hing (operatic)
- 1970s: Bruce Lee (gritty-violent)
- 1980s: Jet Li (wushu)
- 1990s: Jackie Chan (comedic)
- 2000s: Donnie Yen (melodramatic)
Currently, the kungfu genre is in a bit of doldrums, with no obvious icon, and choreography tending to be rehashes (flips, spinning kicks, fly-by-wire etc).

From demos that we have come across, the state of the art in kungfu kinetics is possibly now being crafted outside of its traditional home, HK - check out this ninja vid (left) by photographer Daniel LaBelle.