Fintech Festivals

SCxSC (MY, Oct 25-28, 2021) info pdf
Theme: Islamic Fintech. The pillars of Islamic Finance are:
  • Wealth: generated from legitimate trade and assets
  • Investments: have social and ethical benefits beyond ROI
  • Risk/Rewards: Shared (loans are more like investments)
  • Activities: Harmful (haram) activities prohibited
  • Products: No excessive speculation, complex derivatives

Hong Kong Fintech Week (HK, Nov 1-5, 2021) info
Theme: Virtual Banks and Digital Insurance. HK's experience:
  • 8 e-banks: Airstar, Ant, Fusion, Livi, Mox, OneConnect, WeLab, ZA
  • 8 e-insurers: Aimviva, Avo, Blue, Bowtie, Intact, OneDegree, Oval, ZA
  • 8 e-enablers: FTSB, InvestHK, HKMA, IA, SFC, HKEX, HKSTP, Cyberport

Singapore Fintech Festival (SG, Nov 8-12, 2021) info pdf
Theme: Web 3.0 Financial Services. The definition of Web 3.0 is still evolving but can be taken to mean the application of AI and semantics:
  • Web 1.0: static, Web 2.0: interactive, Web 3.0: intelligent
  • If FB and Google is 2.0, what would 3.0 look like? Perhaps:
  • FB: More relevance (does not bury useful content), less 'addictive'
  • Google: Customisable index (returns only clean, clear webpages)
  • For financial services, it may mean distributed identities, ledgers etc