A couple of days ago, Elon Musk teased he might start a university. He gave no details save for the proposed name, Texas Institute of Technology and Science. Given Elon's fresh take on various matters, one would assume the uni won't be run-of-the-mill. In fact, Elon is already running a kids school called Ad Astra, featuring:
  • Problem solving over tool learning - Learn first the engine, wrenches and screwdrivers come later.
  • Creative learning - Problem-solving, case studies, simulations, teamwork, according to students' natural aptitudes versus assembly line-like classes.
  • Gamification - Children love games, leverage this versus forced rote learning.
Ad Astra is exclusively for Elon's kids, friends and SpaceX employees. Recently (Nov 2020), Ad Astra's methodology went public via an online enrichment program for kids aged 8-14 conducted by Astra Nova (Synthesis). To quote a popular Latin phrase per aspera ad astra: our aspirations take us to the stars. [Reading: 1 2 3 4]