Culture Currency

Spotted on the internet: Spain is giving 18 year olds €300 to spend on culture including theatre, art materials, courses, books and musical instruments. This follows similar schemes in France and Italy. Let's explore the ways how this might possibly be rolled out:

  • On presentation of identification by an 18-year old, hand over cash.
  • Recipient signs pledge to use it on cultural activities only.
  • This uses an honour system.

  • Vouchers are given to recipients, redeemable at cultural outlets.
  • The name of the recipient is written on voucher: not transferable.
  • Old school system with high overheads and lots of paperwork.

  • Cash deposited in ewallets and used in an honour system.
  • Or 100% rebate e-vouchers redeemable at authorised outlets.
  • Or preloaded cash card usable at approved outlets.

Digital Currency
  • Each unit of currency is imbued with preset smart attributes:
  • Type: Culture Pass, User: To whom it is given, Transferable: No, Validity: 1 Year, Redeemable: Outlets with cultural attribute, Geofenced: Yes, On Redemption: Unfettered (for merchant).
  • Air-dropped to eligible 18-year olds.

Actual Implementation
  • In France, recipients download and install a dedicated app.
  • The app stores money, provides directory of events and outlets.
  • Does ticketing and reservations. [ app: android | ios ]