UXUI, Animation & Ledgers

In the first video (SNSFW), comedian Michael McIntyre brilliantly and accurately dissects how daunting (and dodgy) modern UX/UI can be. For more UXUI, check out Savvy UX Summit 2021 happening Sep 17-19. Sample topics:
  • Unleashing the Power of Design, Data and AI - Phillips Eindhoven
  • An Holistic Approach to Automotive Experience Design - Mercedes
  • Frameworks and Empathy Maps Drive Actionable Results - Agoda

Creative Animation
The second video is the trailer for Wish Dragon, an animated comedy produced by Columbia, Sony, Tencent, Base FX, Jackie Chan and others. For more on animation and creatives, have a look at LevelUp (Sep 21-22) and Kre8tif! (Sep 23-24). Sample topics:
  • Axie Infinity: Building A Digital Nation - Sky Mavis
  • Xsolla: Secrets of Success - Xsolla
  • Wish Dragon: A Local Story for a Global Audience - Base FX

Accounting Show
A full-featured, digital currency (which may contain transaction data in addition to amount etc) could facilitate automatic cash accounting and smart contracts, automatic accrual accounting. These aren't in the agenda at the Accounting Show happening Sep 21-22 (accountants, tasked to guard the treasury, are naturally and necessarily conservative). Sample topics:
  • Building Digital Capability in Your Audit Function - Inflo
  • How Automation Saves You Time and Money - Dezshira
  • ESG and the Technology that can Help - GreenArc