Twitter Tips

Twitter Tipping
Twitter now allows users to tip their fave follows, via:
  • Bandcamp - Online record store and music community
  • Cash App - Square's ewallet for US and UK
  • Chipper - Send and receive money in Africa
  • Patreon - Subscription platform
  • Razorpay - Send and receive money in India
  • WealthSimple - Send and receive money in Canada
  • Venmo - PayPal's ewallet for US
  • GoFundMe - Crowdfunding platform
  • PicPay - Send and receive money in Brazil
  • Strike - Send and receive BTC in US and El Salvador
  • Users can also specify a BTC address for direct transfer. But this doesn't use Lightning and thus may take minutes to days and a fee of $2 to $60+ to transact.
  • Going 'raw' may also entail KYC and AML considerations whereas receiving a payment via a platform offloads some due diligence to the platform.

PayPal Bank
  • PayPal has gone digital bank: deposits, bill and P2P payments, digital wallet, and now a savings account in partnership with Synchrony Bank.
  • Still, it doesn't brand itself a digital bank possibly because the use of the term 'bank' is regulated in many jurisdictions, and being a bank entails additional technicalities.

Lending Club
  • Why would a P2P lender want to become a digital bank?
  • In the case of Lending Club, buying Radius Bank, a digital bank (in the US, this is one way to become a digital bank), saw its revenues grow 93% and share price soar 500%.
  • How? 1) Peer borrowing is expensive, cheaper to lend bank deposits. 2) Issuing loans via banks entail fees, better be a bank and issue the loan yourself. 3) Deposits that are not loaned out can earn interest.