State of Drones

HeliTech Expo 2021 is a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) exhibition and conference happening Oct 5-6 @ London. Sample conference topics:
  • Drone Ops (managing millions of drones in the sky) - Airbus
  • The Phoenix Programme: Drone Commercialisation - Drone Major
  • CycloGyro Rotor: High Precision Manoeuvrability - CycloTech
  • Bringing the Commercial UAV Ecosystem Together - Inmarsat
  • Potential of BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) Drones - Modini

Latest Drone Startups
  • Urban Airport - Airport for drones vid
  • Aloft - Drone traffic management & air control app
  • YellowScan - LiDAR drones (measure more accurately vs cameras)
  • A2Z - Drone that lowers load while remaining flying (vs landing)
  • AVSS - Drone parachute (mitigates drone falling from the sky)
  • DroneHub - Rushes to check security breaches (doggo drone)
  • Quantum Systems - Winged drones for extended missions

  • The infrastructure component of urban air mobility (UAM) is often in the news, less so the progress of the transporters ('flying cars') themselves.
  • Likely because propeller-only transporters remain an immense technical challenge.
  • Propeller-only transporters have to fight gravity using propellers, akin to going to a hypermart, buying a washing machine, and strapping the machine to one's back to carry it to one's car - fighting gravity.
  • The breakthrough may come with the use of blimps etc, which is like putting the washing machine on a trolley and pushing it to the car.
  • For more on UAM infrastructure, check out a virtual symposium happening 22-23 Sep, 2021 (tix sold out).