Smarter Cities

  • Telosa (Telos: Greek 'higher purpose') is the proposed new US smart city envisioned by former Walmart ecommerce CEO Marc Lore.
  • Ticks all the smart city boxes: 15-minute city, walkability, inclusivity, renewable energy and sustainable water resources.
  • The architect chosen for the city is the Bjarke Ingels Group which also designed Toyota's smart city.

  • Berlin's university canteens to go mostly veggie.
  • From October, the menu will be 96% veggie, 2% fish and 2% meat.
  • Swapping bratwurst and frankfurters for legumes and pulses.
  • Reasons: reduce carbon footprint and sup-optimal use of land and water; balance diets (processed meat isn't too great for health).

London | Paris
  • In a policy first, England will require all new homes and offices to have EV chargers. Still needed: policy or guidance for high rises, existing homes, offices, car parks, gas stations and malls.
  • Paris to move to soft mobility: walking, cycling, public transport. Speed limit in most of Paris set at 30 kmh (~20 mph) starting Sep 2021. This increases road safety, reduces noise pollution and makes drivers evaluate whether to drive slowly or use soft mobility.