Custom Chips

Why custom design chips rather than source them from Intel etc? Efficiency and effectiveness. Say, you are in charge of parcel delivery in a small, green, campus town. The only vehicles available for sale are $35,000, 2,500 kg pickup trucks. An all-purpose utility vehicle but for which most of the utility is not required most of the time. If you can custom design your own vehicle, you might arrive at something like a $4,200, 700 kg mini EV. The savings go towards better margins, greater reliability, faster deliveries and greener credentials. Custom chips in the news:
  • Apple - M1 (CPU+GPU for computers and tablets)
  • Samsung - Exynos (CPU for smartphones)
  • Google - Tensor (Machine learning processor for smartphones)
  • Google - ARM-based CPU for 2023 Chromebooks
  • Vivo - V1 (imaging and video processing for smartphones)
  • Tesla - D1 (supercomputer training for AI networks)
  • Baidu - Kunlun (autonomous vehicle processor)
  • IBM - Telum (AI infused CPU for mainframe computers)
  • Amazon - Traininum (cloud machine learning model training)