YC Summer 2021

Y Combinator's Summer 2021 (YC S21) startup demo day is happening Aug 31st-Sep 1st. The next intake, Winter 2022, is open for sign-ups, closing Sep 8th. A sample of YC S21 startups:
  • Metaphor - Search engine that understands language (vs keywords)
  • Shopscribe - Subscribe to local shops (not just buy from them)
  • Abatable - Exporting to EU? Get your carbon credits in order
  • Buoyant - Return of the blimp: drone+blimp = 4x more efficient
  • Membo - Pre-order groceries for freshness (vs stale off-the-shelf)
  • FirstIgnite - Match make ivory tower with street hustle
  • Cache - Make deliveries from a robotic kiosk (vs manned shop)
  • SigmaOS - New type of browser: by projects, split screen etc
  • Dots - Micro ewallet: $1 for a dance lesson, $5 for an EV recharge etc