The Chip Race

Chips are red hot: high demand, acute shortages and a race for new foundries. While a laptop utilise a handful of chips (processor, memory, graphics, storage), an EV may use thousands (sensors, cams, battery, motor, display, charging, drive-by-wire, communications etc). The demand for chips and computing power have drawn capital and startups, a sample:
  • SiFive - RISC-V processor that is an alternative to ARM, Intel, AMD
  • Ascenium - Software-defined chip (circuitry compiled vs hardwired)
  • Groq - Tensor boffin's inference chip is 10x faster than competitors'
  • SambaNova - 50K computer vision processor (eg satellite images)
  • Ampere - ARM-based servers
  • Blaize - AI edge computing (example of an edge: sensors)
  • Cerebas - Largest CPU ever (to compete against Nvidia in AI)
  • UntetherAI - Install a petaflop AI processor like a graphics card
  • Wiliot - Next-gen, lower-cost, subscription-based RFID IoT