Smarter Phones

Smart to Dumb
  • Latest research indicates smartphones can make us dumber. Because they are a distraction and a looming threat of distraction.
  • A new generation of phone designers are addressing the issue by reversing the trend of stuffing everything into the smartphone; by taking out as much as possible and still have a functional device.
  • What is taken out? Everything except phone & text: back to the 90s.
  • What about messaging (eg whatsapp), that is essential. Nope, the designers don't just want to change functionality but are aiming for a new paradigm. Do your whatsapp at your desktop.

Minimalist Phones
  • Pure - E-ink display, low radiation, long battery
  • Punkt - Something to be kept, not changed every year or two.
  • Light - No social media, browser, infinite feed, and no anxiety
  • Kyocera - Credit card sized phone: small and light
  • Boring - A phone that wants less of your time and attention