Mobility Advances

Autumn is just around the corner in the North. The season for harvest before the onset of winter. September sees three mobility events, details below. But first, some notes on Tesla's AI Day (Aug 19th 2021), a mobility event that involved no vehicles on stage. 1 2 3 4

Tesla AI Day
  • The 8 cameras in a Tesla vehicle work as one, just as the 2 eyes of a human work together to form one image. Like the human eye, 2D images are transformed to 3D objects by Tesla's onboard computer.
  • To interpret and actionise in this 3D space, Tesla uses machine learning built upon the inputs from field tests, simulations and from the vast and growing vehicle footage from Tesla's vehicles.
  • This ML runs on supercomputers that are powered by D1, a custom chip designed by Tesla. The human analogue of these super-computers is the millions of years of evolution behind human vision. The supercomputers are not installed in a vehicle, they just need to pass their learning to the vehicle's onboard computer.
  • AI technologists have remarked Tesla has made considerable progress: Tesla is an AI company that makes cars.

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IAA Mobility [ 7-12 Sep | info | pdf | tix ]
MOVE Conference [ 7-9 Sep | info | tix ]
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