Ventilation Examples

  • DIY PC builders of yore may remember the fun of installing all sorts of chassis fans to keep the CPU, boards and other electronics cool.
  • Same thought processes can be applied to premises to keep air fresh and healthy.
  • One may be even able to do away with aircons because shade temperatures (depending on location) are actually quite OK (think dining al-fresco at the local, tree-shaded street eatery during noon lunch, it wasn't too bad, was it?).
  • The above vids showcase premise owners with nifty ventilation builds. The first is a multi-fan setup reminiscent of crypto-mining rigs (home versions cost $30+, draw 15+ watts per fan, a tenth of an aircon; industrial ones $100+, 100+ watts). The second demos a wind tunnel like setup (note the bicycle on the left for scale).
  • To actually proceed, best check with HVAC engineers to formalise parameters such as ACH (air changes per hour) or l/s (litres of air moved per person per second). For documentation and in case regulations later mandate these in formal terms.
  • The exhaust fans could be located at the back of the premise to ventilate stale air to the back lane. There should be sufficient inlets at the front so the space won't go negative pressure (a big no, no), individual rooms may need their own ventilators. Wind-powered, whirly ventilators often seen on factories roofs may not be sufficient for battling bugzilla.
  • [Not advice, for your further research only.]