The March of AI

CNBC reports Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) opines AI is 'more profound than electricity and fire'. Elon Musk shares AI is a 'fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization'. Stephen Hawking said AI is the 'worst event in history of our civilisation' and Sam Altman (OpenAI CEO) likens AI to nuclear fission.

Hyperbole or dire warnings, Musk and Hawking could be on to something. AI could end up to be like plastics, so useful and ubiquitous, it can't be stopped even when found to be harmful. Or, it confers such an immense advantage, its weaponization becomes irresistible. Heady days for AI. There's an AI meet this Friday (16 July 2021) within the tech conference ATxSG. Sample topics:
  • Delivering AI Projects - Volkswagen
  • Managing the Risks of AI - Munich Re
  • Next Gen AI Infrastructure - NetApp
  • Product Mindset for Machine Learning - Walmart
  • Next Gen Marketing Platform - Pepsi
  • From Principles to Practice - Facebook