Smart Gadgets

  • Interest in smartphones looks to have peaked. New versions are heralded by more lenses and smartphones aren't a topic of conversations anymore. Moving from desirability to utility.
  • Useful features could include better mics to go along with the sophisticated lenses, cameras that can record horizontal and vertical videos simultaneously, returning to being compact and lightweight. And solving distracted driving.
  • Smartwatches could be an answer. One that is twice as wide as standard watches (rather than making them taller - can't be taller than the width of a wrist). Can be easily rotated to be worn on the inside or outside of the wrist. Control via voice or gestures.
  • A smartwatch pairs nicely with an ewallet and electronic keys. So when you step out of your home, if you have your smartwatch with you, you know your id, phone, wallet and keys are also with you.
  • Gadgets could potentially head in two directions: miniaturization in smartwatches, and maximisation in new mobility (the car as an electronic device).

Smart Gadgets
  • FB - Smartwatches first, smart glasses next
  • Apple - Mopping up the smartwatch market using fitness
  • Venu - Apple's fitness smartwatch competitor (along with Fitibit)
  • OneUI - Samsung's phone and watch UI to be made similar
  • Google - Merging WearOS with Samsung's Tizen (making an exit?)
  • WatchOut - India's smartwatch (toehold into consumer electronics?)