Delta Dawn

Some random notes on a resurgent bugzilla and its delta division:
  • If the frontline is overwhelmed, the fall back is the militia.
  • This is ordinary folks self-organising to take up the battle.
  • This is being planned by a few countries including UK. 1 2
  • The basic defensive unit is the individual and their primary weapons are masking up, vaccination and social circumspection.
  • Aggregated units (like in regiments and platoons) could be businesses, organisations and neighbourhoods.
  • Businesses are tasked to take care of themselves or risk being closed down. Employees and employers do their utmost to ensure their business or factory is not shut down by keeping to procedures, and by extra measures and ingenuity (eg. free vaccination, masks and hygiene training for employees, constant testing, CCTV).
  • Premises measure their ventilation via ACH (air changes per hour) and install ventilation inlets and exhausts to meet or exceed recommended standards. 3 4 5 6 7
  • Authorities can deploy extra inspectors to check on adherence to mandatory standards - perhaps by a general call-up of volunteer civil servants.
  • Individuals are required to mask up correctly in public. Half-masking is considered non-masking. The penalty for non-masking and related infringements is to be sent to the frontline to work as auxiliaries (joking).
  • If infection clusters are found at takeaway food stalls, transition to delivery only. Moderate delivery commissions or accelerate the many food delivery startups (that we see). Shops can go counter-only (shoppers do not enter the store but can buy items at a counter at the front of the shop).
  • Gather more data and have boffins pore over it for actionable items. For example, run analysis over the vast amount of data collected by contact apps and cross-reference them to cases to see if there are any new insights.
  • Do not rely on vaccination as the sole defence. Vaccines have thus far held their ground against delta but it is not impossible bugzilla might call up its reserve epsilon, kappa, sigma divisions later. 8 9
  • [Not advice, for your further research only.]