• Despite reports that Tokyo may cancel them last minute, the games commenced today with women's football (AU v NZ 2-0, NL v ZM 6-0, JP v CA 1-1) and softball (CA v MX 4-0, US v IT, 2-0, JP v AU 8-1), so it looks like the 2020 Olympics is finally under way.
  • Though there were lots of doubts and obstacles, here's hoping the athletes, host, organiser, officials, broadcasters and press will make it a memorable tour of duty, producing a spectacle for viewers.
  • If the games spur people to exercise more it will be a bonus. Being cloistered at home long term probably isn't too good for physical and mental health. The consequences can creep up without notice, so remember to workout and to get plenty of sun and fresh air.

Town Square
  • A unique part of CN culture is group exercises in parks and town squares. Parks are for older folks doing exercises, taiji and kungfu in the morning. Town squares are for working class young people to participate in activities like social dancing after work.
  • Young and old are are welcomed, just step up and follow the movements of the other dancers. Natural dancing is a great exercise especially if one is able to harmonise movement and music.

  • The first vid shows group dancing by an eclectic ensemble. Note the three girls on the right holding their smartphones while dancing and see why a wearable phone could potentially be a hit.
  • The second vid was recorded during the Spring Festival holidays, hence the daytime dancing and crowd-free town square.
  • Keep dancing, keep exercising!